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02 Why The Game of Picking Sectors is a Fool’s Errand with Jason Gerlach of Sunrise Capital Partners – 2of2

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“Research and implementation are, by far, the core of our business.” – Jason Gerlach

Welcome back to our conversation with Jason Gerlach of Sunrise Capital Partners.

In this interview we discuss the history of Sunrise Capital Partners, the current evolution in their financial product line and the inner workings of what it takes to make it as a successful trading organization in the ever changing market conditions.

Thank you for visiting, now lets rejoin the conversation with Jason Gerlach.

In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • Exploring the design structure of the Sunrise Evolution program: Quadrant A, B, C and D and how they play together
  • Detailed examples of how trading models can be different.
  • How trade implementation works with complex systems like these
  • About the Volume of trading the Sunrise Capital does each day

“Never let a drawdown go to waste.” – Jason Gerlach

  • Why the game of picking sectors is a fools errand
  • Strategies for dealing with the emotional weight of drawdowns
  • Sunrise Capital Management’s approach to research
  • The traits and what it takes to become a great CTA

“Failure is an absolute necessity to success in any business, particularly in our business.” – Jason Gerlach

Resources & Links Mentioned in this Episode:

  • Sunrise Evolution – An iteration of multi asset, long-short CTA approach to investing using trend following, reversion, diversionary pattern recognition and beta capture models (More Traditional CTA Offering)
  • Sunrise US Equity Optimized Growth Program – (Equity Only Offering) – Applies Evolution process in the US equity markets
  • Retail Product – Ticker: MULT – ETF Listed on the NASDAQ – Components of Optimized Growth and Evolution Program – A retail product providing easy access to a blend of quantitative investing strategies

“The measure of a business is how well it owns it’s mistakes, fixes its mistakes and carries forward wiser and smarter so it doesn’t make those mistakes again.” – Jason Gerlach.

What it Takes to Become a Great Hedge Fund Manager:

1. Quality Partners
2. Have Faith
3. Learn from Drawdowns

Did you Know:

In Trend Following, 90% of profits are made from long side rather than short side.

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