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Location Independence with Systems Trading | Bill Dreiss, Dreiss Research Corporation | #93

“In my opinion, the primary reason that systems traders are able to make money in the markets is that the market provides the returns more than the particular methodology that is imposed.” – Bill Dreiss (Tweet)

Bill Dreiss has been an early adopter from the very beginning. After going to MIT and Harvard, he wanted to form a business that would allow him to be location independent and allow him to surf, his life passion. Fortunately, systems trading found him.

He bought a computer before individuals owned them, started a systems trading firm before almost any of them existed, and has been in business trading his own model fro more than 25 years. You’ll gain a career’s worth of knowledge in this fantastic episode.

Thank you for listening and please welcome our guest, Bill Dreiss.

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In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • Why Bill’s firm is so unique
  • How he went to Harvard business school and then went to work for a Think Tank in California
  • How he developed his first trading system in the 1970s
  • How he did systematic trading by hand in the early days, without computers
  • The unique system that was the first system he built

    “On of the things I did early on is I went through the various chart patterns and decided that the only one that had any usefulness was a trend line.” – Bill Dreiss (Tweet)

  • The first company that he started with a few partners in early 1975
  • How he used to manage 180 clients before computers
  • The first computer he bought before individuals owned computers

    “I was one of the first adopters of computers in 1976.” – Bill Dreiss (Tweet)

  • Why he stopped managing outside money for a few years

    “After I got out of school I learned to surf and that became somewhat of an addiction and has stayed with me ever since.” – Bill Dreiss (Tweet)

  • What made him setup his current company in 1991
  • How he setup his first trading model with Dreiss Research Corporation
  • Why he was heavily influenced by Boinot Mandelbrot
  • Why trend following is declared dead every few years, but why it is only sleeping
  • Why he trades longer term and only updates his system about once a week
  • How he first managed to automate his system way before other people were able to do it
  • How the environment has changed from very few system traders to almost completely system traders
  • What differentiates Bill from a lot of other system traders

    “My system has remained virtually unchanged for 25 years.” – Bill Dreiss (Tweet)

  • How he deals with risk management
  • What drives him in his career and how he has kept it up for so long
  • Why he thinks in how much leisure time he can have rather than how much money he could make

    “My trading system is setup on a remote server, and this is primarily for security reasons.” – Bill Dreiss (Tweet)

  • How marketing a firm is very important
  • Why surfing is so important to him
  • Why being location independent was very important to him in setting up his business

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“The system provides discipline and it eliminates the possibility of second-guessing.” – Bill Dreiss (Tweet)