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86 Predictions on Crude Oil, Copper, War, Plus More on Cycles with David Gurwitz of Charles Nenner Research Center – 2of2

“We don’t tell our clients what to put on, we just tell them the information and then they decide how to do it.” – David Gurwitz (Tweet)

In this second part of our conversation, we dive into the specifics of how Charles Nenner and his team make their predictions, and what they predict in certain markets like Crude Oil, Copper, and Natural Gas. We also discuss the cycle of a major war at the beginning of each century, and David’s personal story of why he is just as curious today as the day he started.

Thanks for listening and please welcome back David Gurwitz.

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In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • How they predict the price, and how the price and cycles work together.
  • The fifth category they predict on is economic indicators.
  • What is happening when a market is not behaving as the cycle they show indicates.

    “I find that people overtrade.” – David Gurwitz (Tweet)

  • What are some of the indicators of a big event like 9/11.
  • Where he thinks Natural Gas is going.
  • What he thinks about Copper.

    “Sometimes you miss a cycle. It’s still human interpretation, we are not just a black box.” – David Gurwitz (Tweet)

  • The battle between inflation and deflation and where he stands on those terms.

    “We don’t use terms like bull market or bear market.” – David Gurwitz (Tweet)

  • About the 100 year war cycle and what he predicts for the next war.
  • The cycles of infectious disease.
  • Why they don’t have a fund that trades off of their predictions.
  • The different types of clients they have.
  • Why he does the job that he does.
  • Why it is important to listen well.

    “Most people don’t hear what you’re saying – they are listening and thinking about what they want to say.” – David Gurwitz (Tweet)

  • Why he thinks that thinking and listening are a lost art.

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“Why do I do this? It’s like a painting that never ends.” – David Gurwitz (Tweet)