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The Benefits of Negative Correlation | Roy Niederhoffer, R. G. Niederhoffer Capital Management | #46

“The markets provide a certain level of novelty and demand a certain level of attention and creativity that very few jobs do.” – Roy Niederhoffer (Tweet) In our continued conversation with Roy Niederhoffer, we discuss risk management, drawdowns, why negative correlation is so important to Roy, and what gets him out of bed every morning…

How To Overcome Cognitive Bias in Investing and Trading | Roy Niederhoffer, R. G. Niederhoffer Capital Management | #45

“We are as humans essentially products of our hardware – that is an insight that I’ve taken with me into the trading side.” – Roy Niederhoffer (Tweet) Roy Niederhoffer has a fascinating live story that starts with Harvard and neuroscience and continues into his starting a hedge fund in the short-term trading space in 1993.…