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04 What it Takes to Become a Great Trader with Mike Dever of Brandywine Asset Management – 2of2

Mike Dever on Top Traders Unplugged with Niels Kaastrup-Larsen

“Why is what you’re doing going to continue into the future similar to what you’re showing me that you’ve done in the past?”

In this episode we continue our conversation with the founder and CEO of Brandywine Asset Management and discuss the aspects of what makes his rule based asset management style so successful.

This is episode 004 with, Mike Dever.

In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • Continuing the Conversation around why Trend Following can be more difficult
  • Describing Disparate Return Drivers
  • How Brandywine Assets Management actually implements the decisions of their trading model

“I wasn’t fully joking when I said that the downside is I could have owned a professional baseball team today.”

  • Why Position Sizing and Risk Management Principles are Everything
  • How position sizes are managed across various Return Drivers
  • Why Sharpe Ratio is a meaningless measure on it’s own. It doesn’t give you any idea on predictability of returns.
  • The professional traders approach to the emotional challenges of drawdown.

“I think that’s the point. We have to accept that nothing is perfect and we make mistakes. We learn from them. We move forward.”

  • Managing regulation challenges
  • The environment of marketing trend following strategies to investors
  • What it takes to become a great trader today
  • Who Mike started out aspiring to be like
  • If Mike has any personal habits that contribute to his success

“I’m kind of pretty normal and regular for the most part I guess.”

Resources & Links Mentioned in this Episode:

Jackass Investing by Mike Dever

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