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09 Forty Years of Trading and Still Making NEW Highs with Marty Bergin of Dunn Capital Management – 1of2

”My comment to him [Bill Dunn] was that I had a really good thing going so I wasn’t sure that that would really be the right move to make, and his response to me was, ‘that’s fine, I’m not sure you can really handle it.’”

Our next guest is a partner in a firm that has enjoyed 40 years of trading success with a 30 year continues track record of their WMA program.

The track record of the organization, Dunn Capital Management, is world-class. The legendary Bill Dunn offered partnership to our next guest and he replied, “I’m happy with where I am.” Bill’s response will make you laugh.

We’re grateful to have your ears for episode 009 with, Marty Bergin.

In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • The Story of Dunn Capital and the Evolution of Dunn Capital Management
  • How Marty began working with the firm and how he became a partner
  • The company culture of Dunn Capital and why it’s so important to their success
  • An overview of the WMA program

“It’s only one number in the system, but I think, going forward, it’s going to be significant in our returns”

  • How the Value At Risk (VAR) approach separates Dunn Capital from other CTAs
  • Why Dunn Capital manages all tasks in-house
  • About the 30 year+ track record of Dunn Capital

“We didn’t make a lot of changes to the system for a number of years, and I think we kind of got behind”

  • The big research upgrades taking place in 2006
  • About the change to using two separate “Algo Classes”
  • About the adaptive risk profile (ARP)
  • Dunn’s approach to diversification across sectors (for example; 23% in agriculture and 13% currency allocation)

“Basic trend following, you’ve got 2 parameters. Time and noise. Instead of taking one time variable and one noise variable for each market, now we’re looking at hundreds of time frames and noise variables.”

Resources & Links Mentioned in this Episode:

Learn about Dunn Capital’s methodologies and awards.

Q&A with Bill Dunn

“When we look at the adaptive risk profile, what we’re looking at is: is this a good environment for trend following or is it not. The better the environment the higher the targeting mechanism is, the lower that we determine the trendiness of the market to be, the lower we adjust our target.”

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“The whole concept is that everything is 100% statistical. We don’t use any fundamental data in decision-making. It’s all purely based on price data because there is no subjective knowledge in price data.”