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10 He Offers the Fairest Fee Structure in the Industry with Marty Bergin of Dunn Capital Management – 2of2

“If a trader was to not execute on one of the trades that the system generated, that would be the quickest way out the door at Dunn.”

What are you going to do to differentiate yourself from everyone else in the industry?

That’s the question Marty Bergin would ask the next guest on Top Traders Unplugged.

Welcome back for the second part of our interview with, Marty Bergin.

In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • How trade decisions are generated and executed at Dunn Capital Management
  • The way Marty and Dunn manage the emotional challenges of trend following
  • Why many CTA firms are giving allocations to long equities and the results of that decision

“Portfolio development is a huge thing in our industry. I don’t think it’s appreciated as much as it should be.”

  • How significant drawdowns help to make firms stronger
  • Dunn Capital Management’s approach to research
  • How Dunn Capital identifies and reacts to issues with external/strategic alliance situations
  • Portfolio development and decision-making at Dunn Capital

“Dunn is a democracy, but only one vote counts”

  • On the importance for personal ownership in a CTA firm
  • Learn about Michael Covel’s interview with Harry Markowitz
  • The importance (or lack of) of being located in a large financial hub
  • Dunn Capital’s investor focused fee structure
  • Why European CTA’s seem to be out growing the American firms
  • What does it take to become a great CTA in today’s environment

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“There is a place for CTAs, even in today’s environment where we are not making a lot of money. We’re comfortable because we’re still making money in this environment. Even if the CTA’s aren’t making money as a whole, that risk protection or insurance that can be bought by an allocation to a CTA is significant. People with large portfolios need to understand that.”