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11 Lessons From a Highly Educated Founder and Fund Manager with Mathias Bucher of AllMountainCapital – 1of2

Dr. Mathias Bucher of All Mountain Capital on Top Traders Unplugged with Niels Kaastrup-Larssen

“We strive to have a selective portfolio of not very many positions. Essentially, picking the best trends out there and combining them into the portfolio in a way that provides an optimum de-correlation of these candidates”

Our next show provides you with the opportunity to learn from a highly educated founder and fund manager.

He Studied Economics at the Luzon Universidad de Carlos III de Madrid. He went on to earn a PhD in Quantitative Finance in Evolutionary Finance at University of Zurich. Upon graduating he agreed to a research position with Zurich Capital Bank.

Horizon21 made an offer to have Mathias and his business partner Dr. Tilman Keese build a systematic trading program. In 2010 they left Horizon21 to go out as entrepreneurs with AllMountainCapital.

Please give a warm welcome to, Dr. Mathias Bucher.

In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • The story of founding AllMountainCapital and how much AUM they currently manage
  • How they outsource all non-core aspects of the business so they can focus on Research, Trading & Client services
  • On the changes in the CTA industry from 2007 to the present

“On a positive note, a drawdown triggers a huge amount of creativity and research in many aspects”

  • Why central bank actions are correlated with a drop in volatility since 2009
  • The nature of the AllMountain trading model and how it has coped during challenging times

“So now all major central banks are doing the same thing which totally and fully killed volatility, especially since autumn 2011”

  • About the Modules that make up the AllMountain trading program
  • Sectors and markets that AllMountain trade
  • How their different system works and why they use it the way they do
  • How they quantify trend strength in a market

“I actually discovered that finance is actually more interesting than they teach you in the college classroom”

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“We want to be invested only in the 10-20 best markets at any time.”

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“I also know that the low volatility state will not go on forever, and we have convincing evidence from many studies”