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12 The Philosophy, Habits and Personal Traits Required to Excel in the Hedge Fund Industry with Mathias Bucher of AllMountainCapital – 2of2

“I think we are in a major, industrialization of the finance industry. The CTA industry is no exception”

Welcome back to Top Traders Unplugged. In this episode we continue our conversation with Dr. Mathias Bucher the Co-Founder of AllMountainCapital.

In this episode we go deep in the philosophy, habits and personal traits required to excel in the hedge fund industry.

It’s a pleasure to have you here and we hope you enjoy the episode.

In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • About Stop Loss, Risk Management and overall Exit Strategies
  • How the current drawdown is effecting current testing and research at AllMountainCapital
  • How Mathias takes the stress of drawdowns and turns it into creative power

“I always try to channel potentially negative emotion into some positive action. I think that is my personal way of dealing with the distress of drawdowns”

  • The research cycles in the program and the company as a whole at AllMountain
  • An example of a research idea developed and how it was implemented
  • Current research interests in business development and market positioning as a CTA
  • Why Dr. Mathias Bucher and Dr. Tilman Keese base their business in Wollerau rather than a major financial hub
  • The threats and challenges involved in growing a young CTA firm

“I strongly feel that there is a natural boundary to a reasonable leverage that you should take, as a manager, if you don’t want to gamble your business”

  • Dr. Mathias Bucher’s perception on why the CTA industry excellence seems to be shifting to Europe
  • Learn about the concept of the Industrialization of the Global Financial System
  • The human traits needed to strive in the CTA industry
  • The vision for the future of AllMountain

“Research is a two sided sword. You can do to little and lose your innovation or you can do to much and end up losing the robustness of the model”

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“We want to be invested only in the 10-20 best markets at any time.”

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