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130 Systematic Investor Series ft Jerry Parker & Rob Carver – March 7th, 2021

We have a special episode for you today featuring Turtle Trading legend Jerry Parker and renown Systematic Investor Robert Carver, who debate the topic of Volatility Targeting and how actively one should manage open trade equity risk.  We also discuss the benefits of ‘Hybrid Trend Following’ versus classical Trend Following, breakouts & moving averages versus other trend indicators, whether the 2020 market crash should have caused systematic investors to update their strategies, and if short positions should still have a place in today’s Trend Following portfolios.

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Episode Summary

0:00 - Intro
1:45 - Macro recap from Niels
3:33 - Weekly review of returns
10:10 - Jerry Parker vs Rob Carver debate
53:13 - Q1; Michael: Why do you prefer breakouts & moving average cross-overs to other signals?
56:58 - Q2; Rene: Do have preferred methods for measuring trend strength?
1:05:14 - Q3, Q4, Q5 & Q6: Doogie; How can retail investors in the UK gain access to different CTA funds? Do you trade pair spreads?  Why doesn’t Rob trade Bitcoin futures yet?  Are Trend Following & Market Making returns correlated?
1:09:44 - Q7, Q8 & Q9: Gustavo; How do you manage to transition from an old system to a new system? With a non-binary system, how do you reduce multi-month futures contracts?  Do you adjust moving average signals according to recent volatility?
1:15:39 - Performance recap
1:16:31 - You can now join us in conversation on Clubhouse on most Wednesdays
1:17:16 - Recommended listening or reading this week: The Anatomy of Bond ETF Arbitrage by the Bank of International Settlements, Pfizer's Abusive Vaccine Deals & Michael Goldstein on ‘Controlling The Bitcoin Rhetoric’



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