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160 Systematic Investor Series ft Rob Carver – October 3rd, 2021

Rob Carver returns to the show today to discuss the differing performances among CTAs during the notable market moves of the last few weeks, how to decide whether one system is better or worse than another, spread betting as part of a diversified portfolio, raising initial capital when starting a new firm, some thoughts on the US debt ceiling, and how to safely improve your system while still adhering to its rules.

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Episode TimeStamps:

00:00 - Intro
01:11 - Feel free to share this podcast with like-minded friends using this link: and a big thank you to those who have left a rating or review on iTunes
03:03 - Macro recap from Niels
05:43 - Weekly review of returns
12:49 - How different types of CTAs have performed during the market moves of the last few weeks
21:14 - How to decide whether a system is better or worse than another system
26:11 - Q1; Matt: Has Rob ever considered using SpreadBetting to build a diversified portfolio instead of futures?
34:24 - Q2; Joel: How much investor money would you need if you were to start a firm today, and where would you find these investors?
38:23 - Thoughts on the US debt ceiling and the ‘platinum coin’ (check out this funny video by YouTube creator Remy)
46:58 - Rob’s new system adjustment which places constraints on positions based on leverage
55:56 - Some information on Rob Carver’s new book which is due to be released late 2022
59:36 - Benchmark performance update

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