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22 Top Traders Round Table with Chris Cole, Matthew Sargaison, and Dan Stone – 1of2


“I think the idea is that the math of quantitative easing really matters. It’s all about the shift at the margin.” – Dan Stone (Tweet)

Welcome to Top Traders Round Table, a podcast series on managed futures brought to you by CME Group and the Managed Funds Association. On today’s episode, which took place at the MFA’s Network 2019 conference in Miami, guest host Chris Solarz speaks with Chris Cole, founder and CIO of Artemis Capital Management, Matthew Sargaison, co-CEO of MAN AHL at Man Group, and Dan Stone, co-founder of Ionic Capital. With these three world class volatility experts on the show, we’ll be going deep into the current state of volatility, the ramifications of United States quantitative easing, as well as the economic effects on the market of various social movements around the world.

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In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • How our guests got interested in the financial industry and data analytics
  • The state of the market now and where it is headed in the future
  • Why Dan sees the Quantitative Easing and its effect on market changes hurting long-term volatility

“I think this period where we’ve had excessively low volatility driven by central bank quantitative easing and expansion of the monetary base has resulted in a build up in many of these strategies, and presents both an opportunity and a risk to the system.” – Matthew Sargaison (Tweet)

  • The hidden risks to the markets from the rise of populism
  • Dan’s “top five longball macro themes” and what we can learn from them
  • Where Matthew sees opportunities in volatility today

“What’s the biggest risk to markets? It’s if markets get the sense that central banks have lost control.” – Dan Stone (Tweet)

  • What it has been like as a long-vol trader for the last ten years, when you are up against the World’s Central Banks
  • Why you don’t have to put your “end-of-the-world” hat on…just yet

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“You do not create 15 trillion dollars out of thin air supporting the longest bull market in history and expect to wind that back without some disruption in risk assets. That is the dominant macro theme going forward.” – Chris Cole (Tweet)