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Best of TTU – Defining Risk

During a conversation I had with expert Bill Dreiss, we discussed many topics, all with great value. One part in particular I found really interesting, and which I would like to share with you, was when I asked Bill how he defines risk. If you would like to l know what Bill said then read…

Best of TTU – Identifying the Right Parameter Set

In any systematic trading strategy choosing the right combination of parameters for your model or approach is critical. So today, I wanted to share a valuable takeaway from a conversation with Bill Dreiss, where we discuss his thoughts, experience and approach to identifying parameter sets which I think you will find to be rather different to most managers.  Bill and I…

Interview Transcripts

Thank you again for signing up to receive information from me. I promised you transcripts of the first ten episodes, but please find below links to transcripts from EVERY episode of Top Traders Unplugged. I hope these will prove useful in your own manager research or if you are looking to improve your own trading/investment…

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