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Best of TTU – How ”Slow” Trading Can Be Profitable

Would you believe somebody if they told you they had been very successful in the investment world, by looking at the just markets once a week? Everything, and everyone, seems to be getting increasingly more short-term in their nature, so it seems counter-intuitive that you can run an actively managed trading strategy by only checking…

Best of TTU – Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication

A few years back, I had a great discussion with die-hard Trend Follower, Scot Billington.  I would like to share some key moments with you, including how to perceive past track records, and also some of the differences between the long side and the short side.  If you would like to listen to the full conversation, just…

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At Top Traders Unplugged my goal is to democratize the hedge fund industry, by providing easy access for all investors to the most successful hedge fund managers and traders while simultaneously giving small and emerging managers a chance to be heard. You can read more about my story here. Become an Insider Subscribing via email and iTunes…

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Interview Transcripts

Thank you again for signing up to receive information from me. I promised you transcripts of the first ten episodes, but please find below links to transcripts from EVERY episode of Top Traders Unplugged. I hope these will prove useful in your own manager research or if you are looking to improve your own trading/investment…

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Reviews What my guests say… Anders Lindell, Founder & Chairman of IPM: Thank you very much Niels. It’s been a pleasure. It’s rare to have such a conversation over 2 1/2 hours, almost, an interview with such insights into the business in general, so highly appreciate it, thank you. Nigol Koulajian, Founder & CEO of…

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