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107 The Bright Future of Trend Following with Jean Jacques Duhot of Arctic Blue Capital – 2of2

“It's all about learning and staying on the learning curve, that's the best advice you can give to your children.” - Jean Jacques Duhot (Tweet)

Moritz Seibert and I continue our conversation with Jean Jacques Duhot and further discuss his contrarian and multi-part model, how his management company has stayed lean, and how the due diligence of investors and managers has changed the trading space for the better. Listen in to learn the unique properties of Jean Jacques new equities program, what he sees in the future of trend following, and who has influenced him most.

Thanks for listening and please welcome our guest Jean Jacques Duhot.

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In This Episode, You'll Learn:

  • How Jean Jacques knows when to change his position in his "all-in" approach
  • Why Arctic Blue's acquisition by H2O has been such a positive experience
  • How H2O is helping Arctic Blue stay lean and focused
  • What is unique about Arctic Blue's new equities program

“We look at volatility as being a very good measure of the risk and therefore, it is difficult to get confirmation of sustainable volatility regime versus the noise.” - Jean Jacques Duhot (Tweet)

  • What Jean Jacques defines as risk in his model
  • What excites and scares Jean Jacques about about the future
  • The most useful information Jean Jacques has learned about trend following

“On the daily basis, I think it's all about habits that create processes that help you to stick with a very disciplined approach.” - Jean Jacques Duhot (Tweet)

  • Why Jean Jacques believes the due diligence of managers by investors is the best it's been
  • What books Jean Jacques recommends for anybody in the trend following and investing space
  • Who influenced Jean Jacques in his journey into trend following


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“The protection role and the ability to generate de-correlated returns by CT and trend following seems promising.” - Jean Jacques Duhot (Tweet)