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Market Trends for September 2016

It turned out that the Trend Barometer managed to pick the low point to perfection, and performance of many trend followers started to stabilize in the days following this low point, which not surprisingly coincided with the FED and ECB officials being active on the airwaves.

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Market Trends for August 2016

The month of August kept its recent reputation of trend-less markets. In fact, August has in 4 of the last 5 years proven to be rather lack-luster when it comes to trends and trend following performance. So no surprise there!

Neither did Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen drop any surprises in her August speech and so now we wait for the September meeting with anticipation…but let’s not forget that despite the repeated intentions to raise rates, officials have skipped a hike at all five meetings this year.

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Market Trends for July 2016

We have seen it plenty of times in the past, where after a huge gain in trend following performance, markets reverse and a good portion of the gains are given back.

Whilst there is nothing unusual or concerning about this type of situation, it is often a reason why many investors find it hard to fully embrace trend following as part of their portfolio. They clearly prefer the steady stream of gains…until the big washout occur, that hurts so much that they ignore these unrealized losses and hope for a recovery.

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Market Trends for June 2016

We hear it so often…things have changed, you can’t use history as a guide for the future….
Well, the month of June would appear to have reminded many investors of WHY for one investment strategy in particular, history is a good guide and should be considered when investing for the future.

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Market Trends for May 2016

May could well turn out to be a very interesting month for people analyzing CTAs, in their quest to find a place to invest their money.

WHY do I say that?

Well because I have a feeling that managers with too much dependence on a few sectors, probably found May to be a tough month to get through.

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