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Market Trends for June 2016

We hear it so often…things have changed, you can’t use history as a guide for the future….
Well, the month of June would appear to have reminded many investors of WHY for one investment strategy in particular, history is a good guide and should be considered when investing for the future.

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Market Trends for May 2016

May could well turn out to be a very interesting month for people analyzing CTAs, in their quest to find a place to invest their money.

WHY do I say that?

Well because I have a feeling that managers with too much dependence on a few sectors, probably found May to be a tough month to get through.

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Market Trends for April 2016

Commodities took center stage in April with a big shift in “trend sentiment” compared to the beginning of the year, where most commodities fell steadily.

This may well turn out to be a big divider in performance of CTAs and trend followers, as those with very diversified portfolios and a healthy allocation of risk towards commodities, should have found April a more challenging month than financial-only or financial-heavy managers!

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Market Trends for March 2016

Yellen & Draghi saves the world…but spoils it for CTAs Investors in “traditional” assets and hedge funds cheered as Captain Yellen and her Co-Pilot (Draghi) once again decided that the world needed another injection of speed whilst maintaining the same course of action we have seen in recent years, namely QE and ZIRP. However, if…

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Market Trends for February 2016

Coco-Bonds spooked the markets…but not CTAs It is fair to say that investors had plenty of things to worry about in February and we were reminded about the days from 2008, where you were not quite sure if your bank was in trouble. This time around, we learned of a new instrument…Coco-Bonds! Clearly the banks…

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