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Why Barron's Best 100 Hedge Funds Caught My Eye!

Why Barron's Best 100 Hedge Funds Caught My Eye!
Back in 2009 when the financial crisis was raging across many of the financial markets and non-correlation (to stocks) was what Hedge Funds was expected to deliver...you would expect the Barron's Best 100 Hedge Funds List to be crowded with CTAs, but it wasn't. In fact the top 4 spots was taken by an Event Driven, Global Macro, Relative Value and a Merger Arbitrage Fund.
Fast forward 7 years and after a relentless bull market in equities you wouldn't really expect a CTA to rank that well. After all,Trend Following has been pronounced "Dead" a few times in the last couple of years, since many commentators still believe that CTAs can only make money when the world is falling apart
So it was great anticipation and excitement that I clicked on the 2016 Barron's Best 100 Hedge Fund List when it was published a few days ago.
And boy was it interesting for a believer in CTAs like me
Not only were there a good number of CTAs listed, despite the fact that the world have not seen a big crisis in the last few years...
but the firm I proudly work for, DUNN Capital Management was the best ranked CTA and the 4th best Hedge Fund in the World
So I got curious and went all the way back to the crisis of 2008 to see if a CTA has ever ranked as good or better than 4th on this prestigious list.   And the answer is NO!
So not only did DUNN Capital rank very well in the 2016 Barron's list, in fact DUNN Capital has the highest ranking of any CTA in the past many years
So for those who say, that after 42 years in business, you can't keep up with the "new kids on the blog", flash-boys and what have you...I say, just click on this link and you will see, that you can.