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47 How to Start Managing Client Capital with Bastian Bolesta of Deep Field Capital – 1of2

“With hindsight, I would probably argue that we were naive.” – Bastian Bolesta (Tweet)

The story of Deep Field Capital’s Founder and CEO is an interesting one. Bastian Bolesta met his future partners whilst spending a semester abroad in China before returning to Germany and then moving to Switzerland to join them. The team also moved from the discretionary trading space to a unique way of systematic trading. Deep Field is a relative newcomer to the industry as they don’t have a 20+ year track record, so our conversation has timely insights for those looking to start a firm and begin managing external client capital.

Thanks for joining the discussion and please welcome our guest Bastian Bolesta.

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In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • Bastian’s background and how he got interested in finance.
  • How he grew up in Frankfurt and went to university there.
  • What he learned from a semester abroad in China and why he returned there after graduating.

    “It was a very exciting environment in terms of the country and how fast it was developing.” – Bastian Bolesta (Tweet)

  • How he met his future business parters and started their first business.
  • How they went from the discretionary trading mindset to a systematic trading firm.

    “We started to develop smaller pieces of programs to support our discretionary trading.” – Bastian Bolesta (Tweet)

  • How they came up with their initial trading ideas.
  • The difference between discretionary and systematic traders.
  • What he does when he’s not running his business.
  • Pros and cons of trading external capital and how they started trading other people’s money.

    “The manager actually has to be very careful about what investors he brings in as well.” – Bastian Bolesta (Tweet)

  • How Bastian looks at the industry as a young and vibrant firm (started after 2008) and offers a different perspective then those who have 20+ years in the industry.
  • How he built the business from the ground up and how to grow a business smartly.

    “Life is way too short to work with people you don’t like.” – Bastian Bolesta (Tweet)

  • How to convince investors that you can compete with larger managers.
  • How regulation affects the business.

    “We were just fast enough to develop in a less regulated environment.” – Bastian Bolesta (Tweet)

  • The track record of their strategy and how investors should look at it.
  • The details of their trading program, and why they work in “themes”.
  • The allocation process for his program.

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“We only employ trend following strategies, but we don’t show any correlation to the trend following space.” – Bastian Bolesta (Tweet)