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12 The Philosophy, Habits and Personal Traits Required to Excel in the Hedge Fund Industry with Mathias Bucher of AllMountainCapital – 2of2

“I think we are in a major, industrialization of the finance industry. The CTA industry is no exception” Welcome back to Top Traders Unplugged. In this episode we continue our conversation with Dr. Mathias Bucher the Co-Founder of AllMountainCapital. In this episode we go deep in the philosophy, habits and personal traits required to excel in…

11 Lessons From a Highly Educated Founder and Fund Manager with Mathias Bucher of AllMountainCapital – 1of2

“We strive to have a selective portfolio of not very many positions. Essentially, picking the best trends out there and combining them into the portfolio in a way that provides an optimum de-correlation of these candidates” Our next show provides you with the opportunity to learn from a highly educated founder and fund manager. He Studied…