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92 Clear and Explainable Trend Models with Andreas Clenow of ACIES Asset Management – 2of2

“Never accept the old-style, blackbox explanation – always understand what is going on.” – Andreas Clenow (Tweet)

In our continued conversation with Andreas Clenow, we discuss the research and work that goes into making his trading model, how he deals with risk and drawdowns, and how he explains his models to potential investors. In this episode, we will dive into how clear and explainable a trading model should be, and what questions you should ask firms before investing in them.

Thanks for listening and please welcome back Andreas Clenow.

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In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • How Andreas does his research and what research he looks for in other firms

    “I very rarely invest in a manager I don’t know about beforehand.” – Andreas Clenow (Tweet)

  • Why a track record matters and how it matters
  • How trend following has done over the last few years
  • How he builds his own trading strategies

    “My experience is that if you combine too many things in one product it doesn’t make for a good product to sell.” – Andreas Clenow (Tweet)

  • What he does with position sizing and how important it is
  • How he allocates risk on his different models
  • What he does to measure the environment on trend following
  • What he thinks about sector allocation and diversification
  • “It’s also risky to look over firms that you are overly familiar with – you need to learn about multiple types of strategies and ideas.” – Andreas Clenow (Tweet)

  • The kinds of risk management that he uses in his model
  • Where he uses stop losses and where he doesn’t
  • How he talks to investors about drawdowns

    “The most important thing is that the investors understand what they are investing in – they should be as knowledgable as possible.” – Andreas Clenow (Tweet)

  • What questions investors should be asking him about his trading model
  • How to detect if a manager’s strategy has stopped working
  • Why people shouldn’t be scared of asking lots of questions

    “The strategy needs to be clear and explainable.” – Andreas Clenow (Tweet)

  • What motivates him to work on his job
  • About the biggest failures of Andreas’ career

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“Most people read too many trading books and too few programming books.” – Andreas Clenow (Tweet)