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77 Competing in the Long Tail of the Managed Futures Industry with Kim Bang of Prolific Capital Markets – 1of2

“There’s a long tail of smaller managers that have to fight over the scraps.” – Kim Bang (Tweet)

Kim Bang grew up with his father’s shipping industry in Denmark, and discovered a fascination of the managed futures industry. He went on to work for companies such as Bloomberg and AIG, before founding his current firm with his son. Listen to his story and find out what makes a firm that can compete in the managed futures industry.

Thanks for listening and please welcome Kim Bang.

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In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • How Kim grew up in Denmark with his dad in the shipping business.
  • How he got into futures markets through his dad’s business.
  • Kim’s education in the U.S. and his first job on Wall Street.

    “I decided I better get a real paying job, so I had to put my passion on hold at that time.” – Kim Bang (Tweet)

  • How he left AIG to start his own business.
  • His time at Bloomberg building and running their TradeBook system.

    “I felt their was an opportunity to take this platform and bring it to the age of this totally electronic marketplace.” – Kim Bang (Tweet)

  • About Kim’s son’s research club at New York University.
  • How he decided what to do next after his company was sold.

    “We came up with something that we believe has better traction than classic trend following.” – Kim Bang (Tweet)

  • How he launched Prolific Capital Markets in 2013.
  • What he does when he’s not working.

    “Taking some time off to clear your mind and do some exercise is an important thing to do.” – Kim Bang (Tweet)

  • How he built his business.
  • The funds needed to start his business and how institutional clients should be sought after.
  • What he can do himself and what he has outsourced.
  • How he builds a strong culture in his organization.
  • What his track record means to his potential investors.
  • What Kim is trying to achieve with the program itself.
  • What kind of environments are good for his program.

    “We want our models to work across a wide set of markets.” – Kim Bang (Tweet)

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  • Dive into information about Bloomberg here.

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“The advantage we have is that we are smaller and more agile.” – Kim Bang (Tweet)