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75 Competing in the Short Term Space with Barnaby Cardwell of Cardwell Investment Technologies – 1of2

“I never really wanted to be a manager – the idea that you could compete against everybody else and make money was just brilliant.” – Barnaby Cardwell (Tweet)

Our next guest is a fund manager in the short-term space, and thus is distinct from many of the guests on this podcast. He discusses how he got into the financial markets from a young age, and why he decided to trade in the short term space in order to separate himself from the competition. Listen in for details into his program and how he started his hedge fund.

Thanks for listening and please welcome Barnaby Cardwell.

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In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • How Barnaby grew up and what got him interested in the financial markets.

    “One of the first books I read was Market Wizards – at about age 20.” – Barnaby Cardwell (Tweet)

  • Why he left being a broker and went in to a more systematic approach.
  • How he met his future business partner.
  • How they started his fund in late 2008.
  • What it was about the Market Wizards books that captured his imagination.
  • What he does to compete outside of trading.
  • His first mentor and what he taught Barnaby.
  • Why he decided to go short term.

    “It’s very hard to distinguish ourselves in the long-term timeframe.” – Barnaby Cardwell (Tweet)

  • How automation has changed his industry.
  • How he gets through the hard times in the market.

    “If you know you’re system is correct, you know when the market moves happen you’re going to make money.” – Barnaby Cardwell (Tweet)

  • An overview of the program that his company runs.
  • How he set up his company and attracted investors.
  • The challenges that let to auto-execution of trades.

    “I wouldn’t say our model has evolved too much.” – Barnaby Cardwell (Tweet)

  • How he builds a strong culture in an organization.
  • How he wants people to look at his track record.
  • Why he uses time-based stops.

    “We’re trying to deliver market movement on short-term timeframes.” – Barnaby Cardwell (Tweet)

  • The details of the short term models he uses.
  • How he creates a strategy.

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“We want to trade across as many markets as possible – that’s how we know a system is robust.” – Barnaby Cardwell (Tweet)