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111 Alignment of Interest with Alan Sheen of Dalton Street Capital – 2of2

“We do two of the hardest styles of investing that I am aware of.” - Alan Sheen (Tweet)

Today on Top Traders Unplugged, I continue our conversation with Alan Sheen, talking about how and why he designed Dalton Street Capital’s investment strategy the way he did, and how it has performed compared to the market average over the past three years. Listen in to today's episode to learn how Alan’s strategies are different from traditional managed futures, his managerial approach that enables employees to innovate, and what an investor should ask a potential manager when doing their due diligence.

Thanks for listening and please welcome our guest Alan Sheen.

In This Episode, You'll Learn:

  • Why Alan developed a hedging strategy based on volatility and liquidity
  • The connection between the Australian and US markets
  • Why Alan does not trade in US markets in his intra-day strategy
  • Why Dalton Street Capital focuses on Australiasian markets

“Our managed futures have had a very similar experience to most managed futures - we’ve been flat to down over the last three years. But what has dragged us through these last three years is that equity exposure.” - Alan Sheen (Tweet)

  • Where Dalton Street Capital’s return profile comes from
  • Why Alan also trades in medium to long-term trend following
  • How Dalton Street Capital’s equity portfolio performs against the market average
  • Alan’s perspective on model decay

“If you’re not going to invest the way we do in a systematic manner, good luck with anything else because it’s not repeatable.” - Alan Sheen (Tweet)

  • Why alignment of interest is important in an investment strategy
  • How Alan approaches market research
  • What questions should investors be asking themselves

Connect with Dalton Street Capital:

Visit the Website: Dalton Street Capital

Call Dalton Street Capital: +61 2 8651 3489

“Model decay occurs significantly in strategies that are risk based and not behavioral.” - Alan Sheen (Tweet)

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