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52 Do Amazing Things Just By Showing Up with Rob Hartman of Pacific Capital Advisors – 2of2

“The dirty and hard work is how do you survive those consolidations and the difficult periods.” – Rob Hartman (Tweet)

Rob Hartman knows that showing up is half the battle when it comes to work in any industry. But his viewpoint as a solo fund manager give us deep insight into the inner-workings of a firm and how it deals with drawdowns, track record, and investors’ questions. In Part 2 of our conversation with Rob, we dive into his models and programs and how each of them works. We also learn about Rob’s background that helps round out this picture of a successful manager.

Thanks for listening and welcome to the second part of our talk with Rob Hartman.

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In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • Why Hannah Montana has some life lessons to teach.
  • Rob’s track record and how to read it.
  • What happened when he changed his strategy.

    “A lot of this is just staying organized and being willing to do whatever it takes to make money for the client in interesting ways.” – Rob Hartman (Tweet)

  • The details of the programs he runs.
  • How Vanguard, his flagship product, works.
  • How he manages his momentum trades, or trend following trades.
  • Why his thoughts on position sizing have evolved over time.
  • How he conducts his research and why he doesn’t do any discretionary trading on his models.

    “I’m constantly generating inventory of other strategies that run on other markets.” – Rob Hartman (Tweet)

  • The risk that he focuses on as a smaller manager and how he manages that risk.
  • How he deals with questions about drawdowns from investors.
  • How Rob copes emotionally when he experiences a drawdown.

    “My program isn’t really dependent on not missing the big move.” – Rob Hartman (Tweet)

  • What his research process is without a research team.

    “Success will be defined by the time and diligence you put into ongoing research.” – Rob Hartman (Tweet)

  • What is the optimal number of rules for Rob’s models to have.
  • What questions investors are missing in their due diligence.
  • Books he would recommend for would-be managers.
  • The advice he gives to his kids and the lessons he wants to pass on.

Resources & Links Mentioned in this Episode:

Rob recommends these books:

Rob also mentions getting inspiration from Kathryn Kaminski, who was our guest on Episode 41 and Episode 42.

If you want to see Rob in a past life, you can watch his windsurfing “Winning Formula” video on YouTube.

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“You’re going to be in the 95th percentile if you just wake up, get up, and show up.” – Robt Hartman (Tweet)