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108 Why Trade in Exotic Markets with Doug Greenig of Florin Court Capital – 1of2

"My background really is in fixed income quant and macro and I have a pretty good grounding in discretionary trading, but I've been moving in a more systematic direction for a number of years." (Tweet)

Today on Top Traders Unplugged, I'm joined by my cohost Moritz Seibert to speak with Doug Greenig, the Founder, CEO, and CIO at Florin Court Capital. Doug's early experiences in economics at Princeton and UC Berkeley helped kick off his career in finance, and his work at BARRA in Berkeley started his eventual dive into the CTA space. Trading in exotic markets has helped Doug and his firm capitalize on unique opportunities and fully utilize the systematic trading model. Listen in to today's episode to learn how Doug got started in systematic trading and exotic markets, how he built his team at Florin Court, and how he has utilized exotic markets to their fullest potential.

Thanks for listening and please welcome our guest Doug Greenig.

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In This Episode, You'll Learn:

  • How Doug got started in finance
  • Why Doug got into the CTA space
  • How systematic trading intrigued Doug more than discretionary trading
  • The inspiration behind the name Florin Court Capital

"The discipline of following the models and following the process [in systematic trading] is invaluable." (Tweet)

  • Who influenced Doug in his financial career
  • What Doug learned from working with Fischer Black  (co-inventor of the Black-Scholes model)
  • How Doug found such an experienced team in the early days of Florin Court Capital
  • The exotic markets that Doug is trading

"I try to learn from as many people as I can, and some people have a lot to offer." (Tweet)

  • What makes these exotic markets easier, or better to trade
  • Where to find the right balance of exotic versus traditional markets
  • What gives an asset more or less momentum, and why crypto is so special in this regard
  • How Doug selects his markets, and his long-term strategy for maintaining that collection

"I would rather have real economic players with different motives on the other side, than to be facing off against other CTA's with slightly different frequencies and other systematic shops." (Tweet)

  • Why Florin Court Capital has stayed out of trading spot crypto
  • How to adapt the different markets to the standard models

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"Systematic trading has a number of advantages over discretionary trading. It forces you to figure out ahead of time what you believe and what you're going to do in a given set of market circumstances." (Tweet)