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81 How A Serial Entrepreneur Built an Algorithmic Trading Firm with Oliver Steinki of Evolutiq – 1of2

“When I was in 2nd grade I wrote Portfolio Manager when asked what I wanted to do. I knew quite early what I wanted to do.” – Oliver Steinki (Tweet)

Our next guest has started and invested in many companies, and is from an entrepreneurial background. First and foremost, he is concerned with running a business, but he also knew he wanted to be a portfolio manager from an early age. Hear the fascinating story of Oliver Steinki on this episode, as we dive into his new firm and the details behind his models and strategy.

Thanks for listening and please welcome our guest, Oliver Steinki.

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In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • The entrepreneurial background that Oliver comes from.
  • How he studied in Germany, Madrid, and Manchester.
  • About his childhood and when he started to realize he was interested in mathematics and finance.
  • What he likes doing when he is not managing his own firm.
  • What algorithmic trading is all about.

    “We are really very open about our strategy and what happens.” – Oliver Steinki (Tweet)

  • How the scientific trading model generates signals.
  • What the trade implementation phase entails and how it works.

    “I put a lot of emphasis in my teaching on the common mistakes people make when they backtest strategies.” – Oliver Steinki (Tweet)

  • What it is that Oliver is trying to deliver to his investors.
  • About the other companies he started before his current firm, and all the different industries those companies are in.

    “I’ve co-founded or invested in almost 10 companies, all in Europe.” – Oliver Steinki (Tweet)

  • Why he is a business man first and a trader second.
  • Who is on his team and the roles they fill.
  • Why the early phase of his business is important and what you can learn from how Oliver tackles this phase.

    “We only trade very liquid futures on the main asset classes.” – Oliver Steinki (Tweet)

  • How he would scale his current business model.
  • How he creates a culture and keeps a partnership with his cofounders.
  • His track record so far.
  • The details of how his strategy is created.
  • What a levy-process model is.
  • How many models he is testing and trading and how different they are.
  • Why they need to be right 54% of the time with their models.

    “In finance your product is very transparent and comparable.” – Oliver Steinki (Tweet)

Resources & Links Mentioned in this Episode:

  • Learn more about Evolutiq from the presentation slides that Oliver mentions.
  • Read about the French mathematician that Oliver discusses, Paul Lévy.
  • Niels mentions his earlier conversations with Dave Sanderson, which you can listen to here and here.

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“A very weak model can be turned into a very good one because if you have something that is only 30% right you just trade the inverse.” – Oliver Steinki (Tweet)