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55 How Long-Term Trend Following Performed in 2014 with Jason Gerlach of Sunrise Capital

“The best sectors for us for the year were certainly energies and equities.” – Jason Gerlach (Tweet)

For January 2015, we will be revisiting with previous guests on the show to find out how their businesses grew and changed in 2014, and what the year was like overall for their industries.

In our first Year-In-Review episode, Jason Gerlach, the first-ever guest of Top Traders Unplugged, looks at 2014 from a long-term trend following perspective.

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In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • Why 2014 was a great year for Sunrise Capital.
  • What markets were responsible for much of their performance in 2014.
  • The most challenging markets for Sunrise Capital last year.
  • About their longer-term trend following strategies.
  • How world events shaped market changes in 2014.
  • About the oil collapse of 2014.
  • How volatility returned to markets last year.

    “We can thrive in a growth economy; we can also thrive in an environment where markets are collapsing, and many points in between.” – Jason Gerlach (Tweet)

  • How long-term trend following is getting more attention than before.
  • How to avoid 2015 becoming like 2009 for this industry.
  • If & When to turn down clients.
  • How divergence is the one word that may summarize the next few years.

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