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56 How to Educate Your Clients on Managed Futures with Karsten Schroeder of Amplitude Capital

“I think that diversification is king, and timing things is very difficult.” – Karsten Schroeder (Tweet)

In this 2014 year-in-review, Karsten Shroeder looks at the CTA industry and give some advice on how to look at 2014 with a rational and objective eye. He also has insights into how 2015 will be for the CTA industry and how to educate more clients to the advantages of managed futures.

Please welcome our guest Karsten Schroeder.

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In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • How the year evolved for Amplitude and it’s strategies.
  • How the CTA industry did in 2014 in Karsten’s opinion.
  • What models did well last year.
  • How hard it is to shape models and make guesses based on world events that affect the markets.
  • What Karsten learned from 2014.

    “We are trying to educate our potential clients and explain to them the benefits of CTA strategies.” – Karsten Schroeder (Tweet)

  • How they have increased their research team.
  • Why his firm welcomes divergence in the markets.
  • Why educating clients is very important.
  • What diversification can do for clients in their portfolios.
  • Why not to use 2014 as a reference point and say that this markets new returns for CTAs.
  • What Karsten wishes for 2015.

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You can listen to 2 hour-long podcasts with Karsten here and here.

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