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67 Institutional Investors and CTAs: A Look Forward with Aref Karim of Quality Capital Management

“This is a long term permanent component in a portfolio that ought not to be considered as a timing device for extracting some additional alpha.” – Aref Karim (Tweet)

Aref Karim has been on the institutional investing side and the fund manager side for many years, so he has some great insights into how each group thinks and ways they can understand each other better. In this episode, Aref reviews 2014 from the perspective of QCM and discusses the research upgrades that the firm started to their program, and how they dealt with the events of the year, including the recent Swiss Franc move.

Thanks for listening and please welcome Aref Karim.

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In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • About the two programs that his firm trades.
  • How 2014 went for Aref and his firm.
  • About the upgrades that the firm started in late 2013.
  • Where their largest gains came from in 2014.
  • The opportunities that no one predicted in 2014.

    “We’ve had some opportunity costs, and those gave us a chance to see how the simulations would have done.” – Aref Karim (Tweet)

  • How they dealt with the Swiss Franc move in early 2015.
  • How institutional investors are looking at the managed futures space as we enter 2015.
  • What 2015 looks like for his firm.

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