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70 Intervention in The Markets: The Effect on Trend Following with Marc Malek of Conquest Capital Group

“Investors confuse trend following strategies with long volatility strategies, which is really not the case.” – Marc Malek (Tweet)

In this year-end review, Marc Malek explains why intervention in the markets affects trend following, but also why trend following strategies are not long volatility strategies. He discusses 2014 from the point of view of his firm, how his program did, and why he is excited about 2015.

Thanks for listening and please welcome back Marc Malek.

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In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • How 2014 treated Conquest Capital.
  • How volatility shows itself in a market like oil.
  • What strategies performed well and what markets contributed to their success.
  • How he prepares himself for extreme volatility and how he dealt with the Swiss Franc move.
  • What intervention does to the markets.

    “Correlation amongst asset classes are very different in risk seeking periods than they are in risk averse periods.” – Marc Malek (Tweet)

  • How his firm would plan for our react to a big market change such as the break up of the Euro overnight.
  • Why people use correlation in the wrong way.

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