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106 Implementing The Contrarian Model with Jean Jacques Duhot of Arctic Blue Capital – 1of2

“I thought that trend-following was an amazing part of the story, but maybe it could be complemented by some contrarian approach. And also, taking the trend by cutting it into parts.” - Jean Jacques Duhot (Tweet)

Today on Top Traders Unplugged, I'm joined by my co-host Moritz Seibert to speak with Jean Jacques Duhot, the Chief Investment Officer at Arctic Blue Capital. Jean Jacques's observations of different discretionary trading teams has given him valuable insight into a variety of trading methods and has allowed him to develop a unique multi-part model that utilizes the role of a contrarian mindset to great success. Listen in to today's episode to learn about the beginnings of Arctic Blue Capital, how Jean Jacques developed his multi-part model, and how he tested it using a specifically "agnostic" outlook.

Thanks for listening and please welcome our guest Jean Jacques Duhot.

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In This Episode, You'll Learn:

  • How Arctic Blue Capital got it's start
  • What influenced Jean Jacques in how he developed his unique "contrarian" trend following system
  • How Jean Jacques shaped his multi-part trend-following model

“You have your very reactive traders, your very patient traders, and your contrarian traders. And you want to empower them by giving them the same level of risk and being totally independent from each other, and not talking to each other.” - Jean Jacques Duhot (Tweet)

  • Who the three different types of traders are in his model
  • Why Jean Jacques took a more "agnostic" outlook when he tested his model
  • The reason why using a relatively small portfolio of markets benefits Jean Jacques's model

“We found that the VIX was acting as a good warning signal on one side, and a carry generation on the other side.” - Jean Jacques Duhot (Tweet)

  • Why Jean Jacques prefers ETF over the futures markets
  • How VIX can act as a warning signal
  • Why going in full on a new signal works for Jean Jacques


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“I think that there's amazing gains of production in the United States. The farmers have been the first benefitting from US banks to get cheap money lended to them, and they made tremendous gains in productivity, and therefore the supply is quite ample.” - Jean Jacques Duhot - (Tweet)