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41 Trend Following Expert Explains All with Kathryn Kaminski of The Institute for Financial Research, Stockholm – 1of2

“I wasn’t as interested in finance originally, just because I didn’t understand how important finance was for the world.” – Kathryn Kaminski (Tweet)

Our next guest is different than any guest we’ve had before, as she is not a fund manager but has spent much of her life’s work researching and writing about the topic of trend following. She is a true thought leader in the managed futures industry and you’ll learn a lot from the animated discussion we have regarding the history of trend following and how she co-authored her latest book on the subject.

Thank you for listening and please welcome our next guest, Kathryn Kaminski.

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In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • About Kathryn’s upbringing in Nashville, Tennessee.
  • About her time at MIT where she went for electrical engineering.

    “Everything started for me with my severe interest in mathematics.” – Kathryn Kaminski (Tweet)

  • How her internship at a bank in France got her on the path to work in the financial industry.
  • About her teaching financial engineering with Andrew Lo.
  • Through her teaching and research, she became interested in technical analysis and trend following.
  • How Kathryn went to the Stockholm School of Economics.
  • When she left academia and joined RPM in Sweden.

    “You meet all the CTAs and get to hear their stories, and you get to analyze what they do from the outside.” – Kathryn Kaminski (Tweet)

  • How she met Alex Greyserman and how she came to write a book with him.
  • The history of trend following as she lays it out in her book.

    “Most investors would like to have an all-inclusive, objective guide to trend following.” – Kathryn Kaminski (Tweet)

  • How trend following at its core is quite simple.

    “The art of trend following is what makes one manager different from another.” – Kathryn Kaminski (Tweet)

  • What Kathryn likes to do outside of work.
  • Her work life balance and her life in Sweden.
  • Her view on the building blocks of trend following.
  • Her quest for acceptance of trend following in the academic community.
  • Where the term Crisis Alpha came from and what it is.
  • About Convergent and Divergent strategies.

    “Trend following is just a systematic example of a divergent risk-taking strategy.” – Kathryn Kaminski (Tweet)

  • About the Adaptive Market Hypothesis that she writes about in the book.
  • What the CTA Smile is and what it really means.
  • What she would look for when building or critiquing a research team.

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“As we continue to tell the story of trend following in an objective, constructive and non-biased way, then more people will understand, and hopefully smile.” – Kathryn Kaminski (Tweet)