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93 Location Independence with Systems Trading with Bill Dreiss of Dreiss Research Corporation – 1of2

“In my opinion, the primary reason that systems traders are able to make money in the markets is that the market provides the returns more than the particular methodology that is imposed.” – Bill Dreiss (Tweet)

Bill Dreiss has been an early adopter from the very beginning. After going to MIT and Harvard, he wanted to form a business that would allow him to be location independent and allow him to surf, his life passion. Fortunately, systems trading found him.

He bought a computer before individuals owned them, started a systems trading firm before almost any of them existed, and has been in business trading his own model fro more than 25 years. You’ll gain a career’s worth of knowledge in this fantastic episode.

Thank you for listening and please welcome our guest, Bill Dreiss.

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In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • Why Bill’s firm is so unique
  • How he went to Harvard business school and then went to work for a Think Tank in California
  • How he developed his first trading system in the 1970s
  • How he did systematic trading by hand in the early days, without computers
  • The unique system that was the first system he built

    “On of the things I did early on is I went through the various chart patterns and decided that the only one that had any usefulness was a trend line.” – Bill Dreiss (Tweet)

  • The first company that he started with a few partners in early 1975
  • How he used to manage 180 clients before computers
  • The first computer he bought before individuals owned computers

    “I was one of the first adopters of computers in 1976.” – Bill Dreiss (Tweet)

  • Why he stopped managing outside money for a few years

    “After I got out of school I learned to surf and that became somewhat of an addiction and has stayed with me ever since.” – Bill Dreiss (Tweet)

  • What made him setup his current company in 1991
  • How he setup his first trading model with Dreiss Research Corporation
  • Why he was heavily influenced by Boinot Mandelbrot
  • Why trend following is declared dead every few years, but why it is only sleeping
  • Why he trades longer term and only updates his system about once a week
  • How he first managed to automate his system way before other people were able to do it
  • How the environment has changed from very few system traders to almost completely system traders
  • What differentiates Bill from a lot of other system traders

    “My system has remained virtually unchanged for 25 years.” – Bill Dreiss (Tweet)

  • How he deals with risk management
  • What drives him in his career and how he has kept it up for so long
  • Why he thinks in how much leisure time he can have rather than how much money he could make

    “My trading system is setup on a remote server, and this is primarily for security reasons.” – Bill Dreiss (Tweet)

  • How marketing a firm is very important
  • Why surfing is so important to him
  • Why being location independent was very important to him in setting up his business

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“The system provides discipline and it eliminates the possibility of second-guessing.” – Bill Dreiss (Tweet)