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114 Predicting the Markets with Mahendra Sharma of Financial Astrology

"I think astrology is not about getting fame by predicting some negative event. Astrology is about guiding someone, to help people." - Mahendra Sharma (Tweet)

I first interviewed today's guest back in 2015, where he predicted the Dow Jones Index would go to 32,000...a bold call back then. Mahendra Sharma is an astrological investor with an amazing track record of accurately predicting market fluctuations. He has spent his career studying astrological charts and conveying those findings, along with his understanding of human behavior, into a lucrative business giving advice on when to sell and when to hold various commodities, bonds, and currencies. His latest book on 2021 Financial Prophecies will be released in January.
Thanks for listening and please welcome back to the show our guest Mahendra Sharma.

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In This Episode, You'll Learn:

  • How Mahendra got into astrology
  • Why he relocated to Kenya as a young man
  • Why Mahendra pivoted to predicting the global markets
  • Why Mahendra stopped predicting big world events after 9/11
  • How he built his financial astrological charts and what he is looking for
  • How astrological charts are in some ways similar to other statistical based investment approaches
  • How human behavior fits into the astrological process
  • Mahendra's prediction of Tesla from 2018

"The truth about it is money plays a central role in this life, and we can do a lot of good things with it." - Mahendra Sharma (Tweet)

  • What are Mahendra's predictions for 2021
  • What trend the European equities markets will follow
  • Why Mahendra sees an issue with the Euro as we approach 2024
  • The interesting correlation between the year 2021 and the Fibonacci sequence
  • Mahendra's interesting prediction about Gold for the year 2052
  • Where Mahendra sees the $Dollar bottoming out
  • What commodities stand out to Mahendra
  • Mahendra's prediction for a potential Bitcoin CRASH in early 2021
  • Why investors should be careful after 2024

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"What I am seeing now, today, definitely the Dow will hit 32,000. There is no doubt about it." - Mahendra Sharma (Tweet)

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