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80 Managing Your Emotional Capital with Mike Coleman of RCMA Asset Managementz – 2of2

“You need to protect your emotional capital as well. As a general rule you don’t want to be in a position when your emotions are clouding your judgement.” – Mike Coleman (Tweet)

In the second part of our conversation with Mike Coleman, we explore the different commodity markets and how RCMA trades them, and look back at the drawdowns that Mike has gone through and what he has learned from them. We discuss risk, idea generation, and what it takes to build a successful firm.

Thanks for listening and please welcome back Mike Coleman.

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In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • How correlation plays an important role in what Mike does.
  • What he thinks of the current oil market and the outlook for oil.

    “We do not use systematic models.” – Mike Coleman (Tweet)

  • How they use relative value trading and what that is.
  • What process they have for getting an idea into an actual position.

    “We don’t have an investment committee that pre-approves trade ideas.” – Mike Coleman (Tweet)

  • How they have a different relationship between trader and analyst than other firms do.

    “There’s always the expectation that as a trader you are primarily responsible for your idea generation.” – Mike Coleman (Tweet)

  • How he defines risk and how he looks at risk management.
  • What he has learned from the drawdowns he has gone through.

    “You can read about it and intellectually understand it, but until you actually put your hand in the fire and get burned, you don’t emotionally understand it.” – Mike Coleman (Tweet)

  • How to get the investor’s confidence in the manager to a place where they don’t drop out at the worst time.
  • Why regulatory risk is something that keeps him up at night.
  • How his strategy has changed over time.
  • If it’s possible to backtest any part of his strategy.
  • What the typical investor in his firm looks like.
  • What location means for a business like Mike’s.

    “Singapore is probably still the best place to run a business.” – Mike Coleman (Tweet)

  • What motivates him for the future.

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