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43 The Case For Currencies As An Asset Class with Mark Whitmore of Whitmore Capital Management – 1of2

“I thought early on that having a fund would be really satisfying and exciting on a variety of levels.” – Mark Whitmore (Tweet)

Our next guest started his firm back in 2012, and we’re talking to him at a special moment in the company’s evolution as it starts to gain outside capital and make its mark in the industry. Listen in to gain insights into how a manager started his firm in the current environment, the inside view on currencies as an asset class, and much more.

Thank you for listening and please welcome our guest Mark Whitmore.

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In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • How Mark was interested in finance from a very early age and learned from his adoptive parents.
  • About his time studying macroeconomics in college.
  • The story of his career and how it took a windy series of turns before heading into the financial market.

    “I was a prep school teacher and coached junior high school football for a number of years.” – Mark Whitmore (Tweet)

  • His time studying currencies when he was in law school and his time as lawyer.
  • How he started getting into the financial markets by investing in stocks in the late 90s.
  • How he quit his job as a lawyer and planned to go into the financial services sector.
  • His ventures into the currency markets and why he considered them in the first place.
  • How he started by managing his own money.

    “My metathesis at the time was basically to short the dollar and that ended up being a very good thesis for a very long time.” – Mark Whitmore (Tweet)

  • What he sees in currencies as an asset class and how he describes that to investors.
  • How the currency market has changed throughout the years.
  • How he decided to launch his business in 2012 and how he got organized to take outside capital.
  • How he built the organization and his business.

    “A lot of what I do is mostly being a prosthelytizer in that most people view currencies as a hedging device.” – Mark Whitmore (Tweet)

  • What kind of organization he would like to grow into in the future.
  • Why culture in a small company is a very important issue.
  • How he looks at track record, being such a young company.

    “Right now being a small emerging manager is a really challenging environment.” – Mark Whitmore (Tweet)

  • How he created the models he uses for his strategy.
  • The example of the Euro and what Mark predicts for the currency in 5 years.
  • His thoughts on the Swiss Franc and the historical context of its value.
  • The Singapore Dollar and how it is likened to the Swiss Franc.
  • How many currencies he trades.

    “I’m of the belief that if I had 200 currencies that I could invest in, I’d be thrilled with that.” – Mark Whitmore (Tweet)

  • How he thinks about diversification.

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“Traditional business plans generally need to be shredded.” – Mark Whitmore (Tweet)