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101 Why You Should Trust The Short-Term Over The Long-Term with Nigol Koulajian of Quest Partners – 1of2

“People say, ‘how did you manage to raise so much money by losing so much?’.” - Nigol Koulajian (Tweet)

Nigol Koulajian is the Founder and Chief Investment Officer of Quest Partners LLC, and has been designing and trading short-term and long-term technical systems for over 22 years. Coming from Columbia business school, many of Nigol’s general practices seem counter-intuitive but have consistently yielded results. This interview will help get you deeper into the trading and management philosophy that has made Quest Partners such a successful firm.

Thank you for listening and please welcome our guest, Nigol Koulajian.

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In This Episode, You'll Learn:

  • How Nigol got started with trading systems

“There are so many layers of learning. Every time you think you’ve learned something, you realize there are many more layers.” - Nigol Koulajian (Tweet)

  • How Quest Partners grew to where it is today
  • What Nigol has learned from his unique path into managed futures
  • Why clearly defining your process is value added to your product
  • Why Nigol is okay with always being in a state of failure

“I’ve chosen to try to live in a way where I feel like I know nothing, and I know that what I know today is going to become irrelevant tomorrow.” - Nigol Koulajian (Tweet)

  • How developing nuance in his intuitive process has become Nigol’s greatest asset
  • What role meditation has played in Nigol’s career
  • What factors played into Quest’s success
  • Why Quest takes tail risk into account while normalizing returns

“I think with meditation, I would say anybody can succeed in anything they do because your mind becomes so malleable.” - Nigol Koulajian (Tweet)

  • Why Nigol puts more trust in short-term over the long-term
  • Some of Nigol’s short-term trading strategies
  • What Nigol is studying right now
  • How writing white papers has helped Nigol’s relationships with his clients

“In general in the last twenty years, the more long term you’ve been, the less positive convexity you generate.” - Nigol Koulajian (Tweet)

  • Why focusing on your investors can be hurting your long-term growth
  • How Quest Partners has changed to fit the post-2010 financial climate
  • The problem with smart beta

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“I always feel like I’m in a state of failure, I never feel comfortable.” - Nigol Koulajian (Tweet)