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At Top Traders Unplugged my goal is to democratize the hedge fund industry, by providing easy access for all investors to the most successful hedge fund managers and traders while simultaneously giving small and emerging managers a chance to be heard. You can read more about my story here. Become an Insider Subscribing via email and iTunes…

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Your feedback will allow me to create the content you want! It’s great to hear you are enjoying Top Traders Unplugged! I would be grateful if you could spare a few seconds and tell me what content you like the most. First Name * Last Name * Email * Select one or more of the…

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Most Comprehensive Guide to the Best Investment Books of All Time Get the most comprehensive guide to more than 100 of the BEST investment books, with insights, and learn from some of the wisest and most accomplished investors in the world. A collection of MUST READ books carefully selected for you. Get it now absolutely…

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45 How To Overcome Cognitive Bias in Investing and Trading with Roy Niederhoffer of R. G. Niederhoffer Capital Management – 1of2

“We are as humans essentially products of our hardware – that is an insight that I’ve taken with me into the trading side.” – Roy Niederhoffer (Tweet) Roy Niederhoffer has a fascinating live story that starts with Harvard and neuroscience and continues into his starting a hedge fund in the short-term trading space in 1993.…