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51 Planning for Failure, Not Planning to Fail with Rob Hartman of Pacific Capital Advisors – 1of2

“Staying organized is not so hard – the really tough stuff is figuring out how to make money for people.” – Rob Hartman (Tweet)

In starting any business, you run into unexpected roadblocks and challenges, and you learn something from each mistake. Our next guest is the founder of a trading firm who has grown his business twice and learned how to overcome the barriers in his way. We can learn a lot from someone who is ready for the unexpected whether it is good or bad.

Thanks for listening and welcome our guest Rob Hartman.

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In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • About his childhood in Upstate New York and Pennsylvania.
  • Rob’s interest in music and sports.

    “I was an OK student – but the things I was interested in I was fanatical about.” – Rob Hartman (Tweet)

  • How his early Rock and Roll career faired and how he went into the financial industry.
  • How he got hired at IBM.
  • His years at IBM and the lessons it taught him.
  • How his fascination for trading started after he began a consulting business.

    “It was the dot-com boom – this place was just going crazy here in the Bay Area.” – Rob Hartman (Tweet)

  • The tipping point: when he went full-in to the trading business.
  • How he learned about different strategies and tested them.
  • When he came upon trend following and what made him stick with it.

    “The trend following approach seemed to be reasonably profitable and I could just rationalize it pretty well on a go-forward basis.” – Rob Hartman (Tweet)

  • What kind of trend following he started with.
  • How a drawdown taught him he needed to differentiate himself from other managers.
  • The lessons that his first expansion stage taught him.
  • The big event that happened after 2010 that changed everything.

    “MF Global happens, and essentially overnight I’m out of business.” – Rob Hartman (Tweet)

  • About MF Global and the meltdown of that firm.
  • An overview of the programs that his firm runs.
  • How he manages investor expectations with a small team.

    “What’s the single point of failure? Well clearly it’s me.” – Rob Hartman (Tweet)

  • How he outsources operational roles in order to cut costs and remain a one-man shop.

Resources & Links Mentioned in this Episode:

Learn about IBM.

Find out more about MF Global and events surrounding that company’s bankruptcy.

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“I think of systematic trading as a wonderful way to do as much worrying as you can as soon as possible.” – Rob Hartman (Tweet)