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95 Redefining Trend Following with Katy Kaminski, Alex Greyserman & Roberto Osorio – 1of2

“This game is a number’s game, you are losing a lot and winning bigger sometimes.” – Katy Kaminski (Tweet)

Thanks for tuning back into our show, we know it has been a while since we’ve published an episode. However, you are in for a real treat: this is the first episode where we have a roundtable of guests, representing some of the most prominent firms in the trend following space. Our guests have a combined 100 years of track record, and we’ll explore it all in this episode.

We discuss the history of trend following, what it takes to practice trend following, and the human biases that effect our trading.

Thanks for listening and please welcome Katy Kaminski, Alex Greyserman and Roberto Osorio.

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In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • The history of trend-following

    “Trend following is not going to go away anytime soon.” – Roberto Osorio (Tweet)

  • The phenomenon of momentum
  • When the concept of trend following that we know today came about
  • Why Katy & Alex gathered data from hundreds of years ago
  • Katy talks about their book on Trend Following
  • Why markets are not getting more efficient

    “In trend following, you are trying to capture divergence, movements across markets.” – Katy Kaminski (Tweet)

  • Why  the edge in Trend Following is “knowing what you don’t know”
  • How long it took for Alex to start believing in trend following
  • Roberto’s first exposure to trend following
  • Why humility is necessary to practice trend following

    “The edge is knowing what we don’t know.” – Alex Greyserman (Tweet)

  • The importance of taking the human emotion out of the decision process
  • Katy’s voodoo finance and heuristics
  • Are all CTA’s trend-followers?

    “The way you follow a trade after you get in defines whether you are a trend follower or not.” – Alex Greyserman  (Tweet)

  • Alex’s Random Entry System that uses coin flips
  • The three decisions that are involved in a trade
  • The fact and fiction of how difficult it is to do trend-following

    “If liquidity is high like in trend following, I really see every moment as a decision point.” – Roberto Osorio (Tweet)

  • Why humans suffer from representative bias
  • The factor of simplicity when making a trend following system

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“The three guests represent a combined track record of more than 100 years.” – Niels Kaastrup-Larsen (Tweet)