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Class of 2016 – a series of Short Introductions to Exciting Managers

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Jerome Callut, DCM Systematic

Jerome Callut is with DCM Systematic based in Luxembourg. In this introduction, we discussed:

  • Why Jerome is excited about innovation in his field
  • How disappointment from investors comes from misunderstanding of the products
  • Why robustness is more important than cleverness in your model
  • What each of his strategies is based on right now

Vincent Elbhar, GZC

Vincent Elbhar is with GZC based in Zug and London. In this introduction, we discussed:

  • Why commodities will greatly shape the future of our world
  • How their trading strategy works and why they don’t put all their eggs in one basket
  • What the market outlook looks like from the energy side
  • Where we are in the Bull and Bear market cycle of commodities and especially energy

Roy Niederhoffer, R.G. Niederhoffer Capital Management

Roy Niederhoffer is with R.G. Niederhoffer Capital Management, based in New York. In this introduction, we discussed:

  • How Roy can protect and improve his clients’ returns
  • Why studying as a neurosurgeon led to a passion for trading and hedge funds
  • How his strategy serves to be the “team player” that helps a portfolio over the long run, and educate investors on the merits of broad-framing
  • How CTAs are frequently at the top and the bottom of a monthly ranking of performers in a portfolio

Thomas Korossy, Paris Capital

Thomas Korossy is with Paris Capital, based in London. In this introduction, we discussed:

  • How Thomas’ firm maintains a low correlation to equity markets
  • How they plan to attract more investors to their fund
  • Why he is proud of their crash protection system
  • What building a business means to Thomas

Karsten Bromann, Solidum Partners

Karsten Bromann is with Solidum Partners, based in Zurich. In this introduction, we discussed:

  • Why he devoted his career to ILS investing
  • The advantages that ILS investing has for investors
  • What the future of the ILS industry will look like
  • The advantages of having a small and flexible business

Mike Coleman, RCMA Asset Management

Mike Coleman discusses RCMA, a firm that has a trading strategy with a focus on commodities.

  • Mike talks about his worst trade experience in his life as a physical commodity trader in 2002 when he was trading rubber.
  • Why 2014 was the best year for his firm and how oil was a part of that.
  • What his current view of the themes that will happen in 2015.
  • How he ended up in the commodity trading industry.