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Class of 2015 – a series of Short Introductions to Exciting Managers

Mike Coleman, RCMA Asset Management

Mike Coleman discusses RCMA, a firm that has a trading strategy with a focus on commodities.

  • Mike talks about his worst trade experience in his life as a physical commodity trader in 2002 when he was trading rubber.
  • Why 2014 was the best year for his firm and how oil was a part of that.
  • What his current view of the themes that will happen in 2015.
  • How he ended up in the commodity trading industry.

Thomas Stämpfli, Swiss Equity Futures Fund

Thomas is the portfolio manager of the Swiss Equity Futures Fund.

  • How Thomas determines systematically if the price of the swiss equity market is attractive or not attractive at any certain time.
  • Why the worst and best trade that Thomas carried out were in a few days of each other. He discusses the Swiss Franc move of January 15, 2015.
  • What his market view is for the current year. What key drivers he looks at in his market forecasts.
  • About Thomas’ background and his time at Solomon Brothers in New York.

Grant Peterkin, Lombard Odier

Grant Peterkin is the Senior Portfolio Manager of the Lombard Odier Absolute-return Bond Fund.

  • He invests in financial assets and tries to generate consistent positive returns for investors.
  • Given the bond environment in many countries, Grant explains how he plans to keep delivering consistent returns with today’s low-yields.
  • How he responded to the Swiss Franc move and why it was one of the best decisions he ever made.
  • How he started working for JP Morgan out of University.

Mark Spindel, Potomac River Capital

Mark Spindel is the founder of Potomac River Capital. He previously worked as CIO at the World Bank Group.

  • How agents such as politicians and Washington DC groups are effecting and changing the world economy.
  • Their investors turn to them for liquid market investment strategies. They connect policy making actions to the markets.
  • Why policy makers can make mistakes and how it will effect the world markets.
  • How Potomac River Capital takes a portfolio approach so that no one trade can create disaster.

Alex Tselentis, Odyssey Green Planet Fund

Alex Tselentis is the founder of Odyssey Analytic, a Swiss investment advisory firm.

  • The firm is socially responsible, and they apply a quantitative approach to the “green” sector. They are one of the only firms who use a quantitative approach in that sector.
  • Why they have full transparency with their clients. They do not invest in alcohol firms, tobacco firms, and firms involved in labor issues, child exploitation, etc.
  • Some of the interesting trades that he has seen in his portfolio in the last few years.
  • Why the fund always has a long bias.
  • How he got into this industry and the journey that he has gone through to become a quantitative manager.

Remo Oswald, BlueOrchard Finance

Remo Oswald is in charge of Business Development at BlueOrchard Finance, who provide micro loans in emerging markets and steady returns to investors in developed markets.

  • BlueOrchard also provides financial education to the recipients of their micro loans in emerging markets.
  • How interest rates effect his business and how they determine what interest rate they use for their loans.
  • Why political risk is the greatest risk for their business in developing countries.
  • How Remo got to where he is today and why he likes doing good for the world.
  • What the hard parts of this emerging field have been for Remo.


Rudi Bohli, RBR Capital Advisors

Rudi Bohli is the Founder CIO of RBR Capital Advisors, a Swiss hedge fund.

  • Their goal is to deliver double-digit returns to investors, and how they have achieved that for the last 12 years.
  • The tough times that the firm has gone through around the financial crisis and what he learned from them.
  • How he knows where his stop loss is going to be, how they determine them across their strategies.
  • What Rudi sees in terms of the market outlook as a whole, and how he sees the European market for equities.


David Roes, Asean Investment Management

David Roes is the Director at Asean Investment Management.

  • How they are deep value investors, and what that means.
  • The three things that differentiate them.
  • Why they have 90% of their current assets allocated to Vietnam.
  • His experience working in the U.S. vs. Asia.


Eli Combs, MeehanCombs

Eli Combs is the Founder and President of MeehanCombs.

  • The two areas of the corporate credit market that they focus on: stressed corporate credit and distressed corporate credit.
  • Why he thinks investing in corporate credit is attractive in the current market.
  • His thoughts on liquidity, leverage, and cash in his industry niche.
  • How Eli got into this industry after majoring in Anthropology in university.


Alexander Griffin, Alltus Capital

Alexander Griffin is a Parter with Alltus Capital, based in London.

  • Why he is focused on Japan and focused on being up every year regardless of whether the markets are up or down.
  • How they have financial centers in London, Tokyo, and Singapore.
  • Why he invests in Japanese equities even though Japan has been in a bear market for so many years.
  • How he handles the Yen when most of his investors are not based in Japan so that the gains are not lost by the Yen.