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What my guests say...

Anders Lindell, Founder & Chairman of IPM:

Anders LindellThank you very much Niels. It's been a pleasure. It's rare to have such a conversation over 2 1/2 hours, almost, an interview with such insights into the business in general, so highly appreciate it, thank you.

Nigol Koulajian, Founder & CEO of Quest Partners:

Nigol KoulajianThanks, you've been extremely accurate, and your understanding of the CTA space, the hedge fund space, psychology, business in general, I think you've covered all areas, at least you've dug very deep into all of the different areas that I have anything to say about, so I'm very, very grateful for your attention, your thought and for doing this. This is a great service for people.

Aref Karim, Founder & CEO of QCM:

Aref KarimWonderful, thank you very much, Niels. That was a great pleasure to spend the last couple of hours on this call.

Marc Malek, Founder of Conquest Capital:

Marc MalekI think that you asked all of the right questions in the time that we had.

Scott Billington, Co-Founder & Managing Partner of Covenant Capital Management:

Scott BillingtonI think you actually did a great job in hitting on things that I think are interesting. I think we did a great job of staying away from your typical due diligence. I don't remember mentioning a single statistic about Covenant, which I think is great. I think you have obviously done this before there's nothing that I can think of that you missed. I thought this was very well done. Conversational, low key.

What my listeners say...

Unparalled insight into the hedge fund industry

five starsby Pat_Hennessy52 from USA

Top Traders Unplugged offers its listeners extremely insightful interviews with some of the biggest players in the hedge fund industry. It is very rare to have an in-depth view of what really goes on behind the scenes at some of these funds and has enlightened me on many facets of the hedge fund industry that I was not previously aware of. Niels always has well informed questions ready for his guests and this affords the guest the opportunity to speak at a high level about things very relevant to his business. I also love the transcripts of the interviews for those times that I do not have access to audio.

Superb material

five starsby Riccardo Ronco - London from UK

I have been listening to TTU podcasts for a while now and I have to admit that the content is superb. I have found myself taking notes furiously on my notepad whilst listening to several of these podcast. The Quest Partners one stands out for me for the quality and quantity of ideas freely given to those willing to listen. Simply unmissable. AAA+

Very insightful

five starsby Volare8888 from USA

From a new trader prospective a very insightful podcast of the approaches that top traders take in their field. From all the possible aspects of management, some technical insight of the models used, psychological understanding of the market, and how top traders use their emotions for the success of their trades. Great stuff.