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Shrek & Managed Futures...Are We There Yet?

Shrek & Managed Futures...Are We There Yet?

Remember back in 2001 when the first Shrek movie came out?

I bet if you are a parent...you had to watch this movie more than once. I know I did.

One of my favorite scenes in the movie is the when Dunkey keeps asking "Are we there yet"!

And in a funny way this scene reminds me of the question I get a lot at the moment when it comes to the trend-less period we have been going through lately, and when the time is right to buy managed futures.

This morning I received a link to a great little video done by Steben and Company. As this ties in with what I have recently published in my latest Trend Barometer Update...I thought this may be helpful for you to watch. Click Here to Watch.

AND for those of you who never watched the Shrek scene (or who just want 2 min distraction)...don't worry, I've got you covered:

I hope these video's will give you something to smile about on this October Monday!