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82 Simplicity vs. Complexity in Trading Models with Oliver Steinki of Evolutiqz – 2of2

“We do something that is very complex.” – Oliver Steinki (Tweet)

In the second part of our conversation with the cofounder of Evolutiq, we dive into the firm’s trading strategy, how they manage risk, and what kinds of investors they seek. He also discusses tips for budding entrepreneurs and firm managers, and how he deals with explaining the complexity of his trading models.

Thanks for listening and please welcome back Oliver Steinki.

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In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • The details of Oliver’s portfolio.
  • What types of markets have more success for their models.
  • Their unique allocation process.
  • How to explain these scientific terms to potential investors.

    “We don’t enter any position without an attached trading stop.” – Oliver Steinki (Tweet)

  • The question of simplicity vs. complexity.
  • How they managed intra-day forecasting.
  • How he manages risk.
  • The way that market correlations play into the portfolio.

    “We are really uncorrelated because we have long and short positions on a lot of different markets.” – Oliver Steinki (Tweet)

  • Oliver’s thoughts on drawdowns and the worst ones that he is expecting.
  • How do you know when a model has stopped working.
  • What Oliver’s experience has been as the world has become more divergent.
  • What keeps him up at night.

    “I probably worry to much. But hopefully over your whole career you worry too much but nothing happens, which is much better than being over-confident.” – Oliver Steinki (Tweet)

  • What he is looking at in his research for the firm right now.

    “Since we are research guys, we believe in constant improvement of the existing processes.” – Oliver Steinki (Tweet)

  • How models can start decaying.
  • Who he is targeting for his firm.
  • How he manages the cash portion of his accounts.
  • How setting up a company outside the big financial center affects his business.
  • What questions investors should be asking him during due diligence meetings.
  • The advice he would give to aspiring managers.

    “One shouldn’t underestimate the time you need to spend to get the infrastructure and regulation right.” – Oliver Steinki (Tweet)

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“If you have a good business model, you need good endurance to go through the negative periods and always turn up again.” – Oliver Steinki (Tweet)