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69 Staying Agnostic in Your Allocation with Martin Lueck of Aspect Capital

“The conversations got easier over the latter half of the year, but in no sense are we saying ‘see I told you.'” – Martin Lueck (Tweet)

This year in review covers how Aspect Capital came out of 2014 with their best year ever as a company, and what they learned from the year. Martin Lueck discusses the events that made 2014 a roller coaster ride, as well as the importance of always staying agnostic in your allocation to different sectors.

Thanks for listening and please welcome Martin Lueck.

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In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • Why 2014 was a roller coaster ride for Aspect Capital.
  • How 2014 was the best year ever on record for Martin’s firm.
  • Why CTAs spend most of the time being in a certain level of drawdown and how they have to be psychologically prepared for that.

    “We are not tilting the portfolio to reflect recent experience.” – Martin Lueck (Tweet)

  • What markets didn’t perform for his firm.
  • How Martin reacted to the Swiss Franc move that happened recently.
  • How conversations with investors changed over the year.
  • Why educating investors is important.

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