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31 The Systematic Investor Series – April 15th, 2019

Does Systematic Trading completely eliminate all emotions from the process?  Is it wise to use Stop-Losses?  Should CTAs target low-volatility & average returns, or high returns with higher possible volatility?  Can a finely-crafted Trading System be considered in the same way as a fine piece of art?  Are all Trend Following systems essentially the same?  We also discuss if intricate rules are better than ‘broader brush-strokes’, if it really is ‘difficult times’ for Trend Following or simply Recency Bias, as well as touching on the value of managing and owning your emotions throughout a trade.  Also, we discuss how to deal with an upcoming Futures contract rollover, and answer the question: just how important is the ‘Execution Desk’ at a Trading Firm?

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Episode Summary

0:00 - Intro
1:50 - Weekly review
5:30 - Top tweets
1:12:00 - Questions 1&2: John; If a trade signal comes just before a roll date, do you move the roll forward to avoid trading twice? Do you ever try to “game” a roll to make a profit?
1:17:30 - Question 3: Michael; When the system designer and the executive are not the same person, how does the executive have confidence in the system/work of the system designer?
1:23:30 - Performance recap


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