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70 The Systematic Investor Series ft Andreas Clenow (Part Two) – January 14th, 2020

Today we continue our interview with Andreas Clenow, where we cover topics such as backtesting & system design, whether we see any growth in the CTA industry, long-term vs short-term Investing, and how to go about raising initial AUM.  Questions include: How important are drawdowns when analysing performance?  Is Crisis Alpha an appropriate label for CTAs today?  How do you choose parameters for your Trading Models?

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Episode Summary

0:00 - Intro
1:54 - Niels; Question One: How does one go about choosing parameters for their Trading models?  Question Two: Do you stick with your model, or do you look to recalibrate it over time?
7:37 - Jerry; Question Two: Have you noticed that longer-term systems have always produced better results than shorter-term, even though we may think otherwise?  How important are drawdowns when analysing performance?
13:48 - Moritz; Question One: Would you still go out and start a Trend Following fund today?  If so, how would you go out and raise the initial AUM?
16:25 - Niels; Question Two:  How should CTAs & Trend Followers present themselves?  Is Crisis Alpha an appropriate label?
22:32 - Niels; Question Three:  If you could invite 4 people to dinner, from past or present, who would you choose?
22:32 - Niels; Question Four:  Anything you would like to share regarding your latest book?
26:23 - Brian; Question One: Do you think Options strategies distort Trends and the performance of Trend Following strategies?
27:08 - Performance recap


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