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75 The Systematic Investor Series – February 16th, 2020

On today’s show, we discuss Morgan Housel’s recent article on history & historians generally being a bad guide for the future, the popularity of negative predictions, social media as a gauge for current market conditions, the limits of trading indexes versus diversified individual stocks, why following price may be more important than just committing to a bullish or bearish position, and Meb Faber’s recent interview with Tim Hayes, who talked about the dangers of non-price-based indicators.

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Episode Summary

0:00 - Intro
1:12 - Macro recap from Niels
2:59 - Weekly review of returns
5:23 - Top Tweets
34:12 - Michael; Question 1: Would avoiding all S&P500 stocks improve a Trend Following system?
36:57 - Chris; Question 2: Can you explain the term ‘Vol Targeting’?
43:40 - Adrian: Question 3: What recent client requests have you refused to accommodate, when it comes to altering either your strategies, or your business?
53:31 - Francois; Comment related to recent episodes where we discussed Trend Following on equities
57:24 - Performance recap

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